Chaerin Min


CS Master's Student

@ Hanyang University

Republic of Korea

I’m a Master’s student in Computer Science at Hanyang University, where I am advised by Jongwoo Lim in the Computer Vision Lab. I am supported by an AI Fellowship from Hanyang University and a NRF BrainKorea21 FOUR.

My research focuses on 3D computer vision and machine learning architectures. In particular, I study how machines understand images more effectively by modelling 3D scenes. One recurring theme in my work is deep learning algorithms: including meta- and unsupervised learning. Previously, I interned at Multipleye Co., focusing on formulating an optical flow estimation framework.

I received a B.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Seoul in 2021.

NOTE: For my publications, experience, awards, and other activities, please refer to my CV.

Recent talks

c282828177 at. is the best way to reach me.